Top 10 Glastonbury Fashion Moments

With Covid still running rampant, our dreams of a thriving 2021 festival season seem to have hit an abrupt yet inevitable end. Festivals are being cancelled left, right and centre, and the bleakness of it all truly reached its peak last week when it was made public that Glastonbury has been cancelled this summer too, for its second year running. Glastonbury is not only Europe’s … Continue reading Top 10 Glastonbury Fashion Moments

BTS Grammy Nomination Sparks Discussion of K-pop Category

January 31st of 2021. A date marked down by fans of K-Pop group BTS as they wait in anticipation for the night. The annual Grammy Awards had announced their nominees for each category and fans of the K-Pop group had been nothing but prouder to see that BTS had been shortlisted as a possible winner under Best Pop Duo / Group Performance with their 2020 … Continue reading BTS Grammy Nomination Sparks Discussion of K-pop Category

International Music and the Western Industry

Last week Kali Uchis released her second studio album, Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios.) The album was highly anticipated, not just because of the critical and commercial success of her debut album Isolation, but because this was the first work that Uchis had released that was predominantly sung in Spanish. The album was praised by many fans, with critics applauding the venture into … Continue reading International Music and the Western Industry

Dealing with your quarantine grief through albums

Music has always been my haven. From curving school bus anxieties to keeping me company in my University halls – it’s what I turn to when in need of comfort.  Living through a pandemic is emotionally confusing and has led some unusual listening habits [and my Spotify account being set to private].  My lockdown experience explained through albums I’ve been listening to: 1. Denial “This … Continue reading Dealing with your quarantine grief through albums

The next generation of rap

Rap has always been a genre of self-expression, allowing artists to freely speak their mind in a way that feels comfortable to them. Women have also been at the forefront of the genre, whether they be the subject of the song or the one performing, yet misogyny is still a major criticism of the genre. Sexually motivated lyrics prove controversial to listeners and can sometimes … Continue reading The next generation of rap

Benjamin Francis Leftwich on ‘Gratitude’

ENRG Music’s Bryce Arthur caught up with Benjamin Francis Leftwich ahead of his show at The Caves in Edinburgh. Benjamin is an incredibly interesting guy. He seems to exist somewhere else, as if you’re actually talking to a mystical astral projection of Benjamin Francis Leftwich. His chat is immediately intense, real and personal without a lot of preamble. This open attitude can sometimes verge on … Continue reading Benjamin Francis Leftwich on ‘Gratitude’

The new sound of London…

Music has always reflected the times. Musicians, like all artists, are constantly inspired by what they see and hear happening around them. So, it should be no surprise that right now in a country riven with political tension, where its citizens are almost daily forced to confront and examine their own ideas of identity and how they fit in to society, that a new form … Continue reading The new sound of London…