Live: Flying By Mirrors and Nü-Cross at Nice’n’Sleazy

Rock ruled at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy last weekend as two Glasgow-born bands brought the house down. Before I talk about the music, I’d just like to praise Nice ‘n’ Sleazy as the epitome of the small music venue. It’s literally underground, there’s graffiti everywhere, and if not for the ventilation system you’d be 90% sweat before you even started dancing. The roof is so low … Continue reading Live: Flying By Mirrors and Nü-Cross at Nice’n’Sleazy

Review: You

Netflix’s latest psychological thriller series, You, will persuade viewers to delete all social media and buy a nice sturdy pair of curtains… Released on Netflix on Boxing Day, the 10 episode series follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and his pursuit to win over Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). A bookstore manager in New York City, Joe meets Guinevere (known as ‘Beck’ throughout the series) when she … Continue reading Review: You

Introducing: Jimi Get Your Funk On

Brand new Edinburgh based funk band, Jimi Get Your Funk On, played their debut gig on Tuesday night at Henry’s Cellar. Iain Leggat caught up with the bands founder and frontman Honza Kourimsky to chat through his post-gig emotions and find out what the band is all about. Listen to the interview and catch the best bits below. You can catch Iain’s full review of the … Continue reading Introducing: Jimi Get Your Funk On

Paul Sinclair: Glassroom Session No. 2

Singer-songwriter Paul Sinclair treats us to a laidback acoustic set in our second Glassroom Session. Paul has been on the Edinburgh music scene for years, previously performing with his band The Warehouse Announcement. Nowadays he gigs in venues across the city most evenings, whilst also studying Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University. In our second ‘ENRG Glassroom Session’ Paul treated our audience to an array of … Continue reading Paul Sinclair: Glassroom Session No. 2

Introducing: Luke Lucas

Meet Luke Lucas, double threat producer and singer-songwriter. A familiar face on the Reading music scene, Luke is ready to reach a national audience, with the release of his debut EP. Luke started playing guitar classically at just 6 years old, before taking on a more indie-folk style when he started singing. ENRG Music caught up with Luke, who’s currently in Australia, to talk inspiration, … Continue reading Introducing: Luke Lucas

Review: Freak Yourself Out – Lake Street Dive

The multi-genre Boston band return with the release of a 5 track EP made up of previously unfinished songs that were recorded during sessions for their fourth album Free Yourself Out. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a winter walk through the park. The 5 tracks treat the listener to a wonderful showcase of the Lake Street Dive sound. From the rock and jazz of Daryl, … Continue reading Review: Freak Yourself Out – Lake Street Dive

Live: Hinds at The Caves

Four-piece band Hinds, hailing from Madrid, played their second ever show in Edinburgh last night at the Caves. The garage rock band, made up by Carlotta Cosials, Ana Garcia Perrote, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen, played at the atmospheric Caves and brought their spirited beach-wave sound with them. Hinds brought along two support bands: Cheap Teeth, an post-punk Edinburgh band who have opened for the … Continue reading Live: Hinds at The Caves

Review: Assassination Nation

Set in modern day Harlem, Sam Levinson’s Assassination Nation is an unlikely dystopian horror, based around our social media obsessed society. The predominantly young cast bring to life our current concerns regarding the amount of information the internet has on us and the consequences of having this leaked to the rest of the world, which Levinson proceeds to present in a realistically gruesome manner. A … Continue reading Review: Assassination Nation

Inside the OTR Showcase

Off The Record Edinburgh is a networking event for 16-25 year olds looking to get a leg up in the music industry. Their post-event showcase showed why these young artists NEED to be seen. Off The Record is organised by Born To Be Wide, a Scottish company who frequently put on larger-scale networking events, usually of a more professional nature. While at the showcase, OTR … Continue reading Inside the OTR Showcase

Rip It Up At The National Museum

It’s your last chance to see the Rip It Up exhibition currently on at the Scottish National Museum this weekend. This fantastic exhibition comprehensively covers the history of Scottish pop from it’s early beginnings to the current day. You can listen to a podcast that gives you a short history of Scottish pop below. Rip It Up: A Short History Of Scottish Pop Also for … Continue reading Rip It Up At The National Museum